Kids learn Panjabi through hands on activities, easy crafts and fun games!

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Download worksheet sets, games and activities to learn all 35 letters.


Learn mukta words,

read simple beginner books,

learn new vocabulary

Just turn it into a game and play for po

Learn the Gurmukhi matras, vowel symbols, and continue learning through fun activities.


Learn the 35 letters, begin reading and focus on vocabulary through this sequential 12 set program.

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Why Choose Playing With Painti?

I am so excited to share my work with the world! Graduating from the top education program in Canada (OISE at UofT), being a certified teacher and having over 10 years of education experience as well as growing up learning to read and write Panjabi, and teaching at a Khalsa School has uniquely prepared me to provide high quality Panjabi education materials for our future generations!

I believe we need more resources for our youth that diverges from the traditional worksheets of the past. Our community needs engaging activities that reflect how our kids learn today. Contemporary and current teaching methods are infused in the activities on this website. They are consciously cultivated to reach a diverse group of learners. Here you'll find what keeps you and your learners engaged and interested in learning Panjabi.

I hope what I've created helps kids get excited about learning Panjabi!