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Buy unlimited rights to copy and reuse all materials within your Gurdwara, Punjabi or Khalsa School. 


Watch your students learn Panjabi through 12 fun and interactive activity sets. 


Follow the hands on, creative activities and games included in the Painti Program to learn:

- 35 letters of the Panjabi alphabet (+5 more)

      - how to write, letter sounds, associated vocabulary to match beginning sounds

- mukta words (short consonant words)

- short mukta sentences

- how to read simple readers

- an abundance of vocabulary


Work at your own pace, repeat activities as you wish with reusable materials, follow modifications to activiites for a greater challenge or to suit different age groups. 


You'll also find included instructions to simple crafts with simple 'dollar store' materials which will reinforce the learning and increase the fun factor!


Full Painti Program - School License

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